Filing an Insurance Claim for a Water Damaged Roof

Did a portion of your roof cave in after becoming soft from water damage? When water damage becomes severe to the extent of a roof caving in, it means that prompt attention is necessary for your safety. If you have insurance coverage for your house, getting your roof repaired should not put you in a financial bind. However, it depends on what is in the insurance policy as to what you will be able to file a claim for.

Follow the steps in this article to bring your roof back to a good condition in a timely manner.

Get the Damage Inspected by a Roofer

Step one should involve a professional inspection being done by a roofer. He or she can examine every aspect of the roof to determine what caused it to cave in. For instance, the roofer will determine how water was able to leak into your house from the outside. A roofer can also let you know if the area of the roof that caved in is the only section that has to be repaired. It is likely that you will need an entire roof deck constructed due to the severity of the damage.

Make an Appointment with a Professional Appraiser

When it comes to obtaining money from your insurance provider, you will have to prove that your roof is damaged. You must prove that you need a specific amount of money in order for repairs to be made, which is where an appraiser comes into the picture.

Hire an appraiser to inspect the damage and review the documentation that will be provided by the roofer. He or she can then determine the monetary amount of money that you deserve from the insurance company. Damage to the inside of your house that resulted from the roof caving in might also be included in the appraisal.

Tell Your Insurance Company About the Damage

When you have proof of the damage and appraisal documentation, contact services like The People's Choice Public Adjuster. Explain that you need to file a claim so your roof can be repaired as soon as possible. If the insurance company is satisfied with the evidence, you can be issued a check for repairs in no time. However, it is also possible for the insurance company to send their own adjuster to your house to assess the damage. The claim process is likely to go a lot faster if you have evidence ready.